Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hartman Park

Date: June 10, 2012
Report Type: TA Report:
Trail Name: Hartman Park
Town: Lyme, CT
Trail Conditions: Good!!

At the School House

Observations/Information: Went to Hartman for a short, "use my suspension" ride. LOL Place was very dry for the rains we've been getting around here. mosquitoes are HEAVY in there being a swamp and all. LOTS of cobwebs everywhere too!! Had to stop more than once to get them off my face and helmet! Otherwise a good trip, though short.

Lilly Rock & Stopping at the bridge to De-Web the face

Stopped at Lily Rock, Lilies are just about to bloom I'm guessing.. !!
Trail Ambassador Name: Thom Lamourine

Trail Ambassador E-mail: Thom{}Ctnemba[]com
How did you use the trail? MT Biking
Trails Ridden: yellows, red, orange, blue, white.
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours):
Approximate Distance (Miles):
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