Wednesday, July 27, 2016


We'll be finishing the trail we started at River Highlands 2 weeks ago. Meet at the park lot at 105 Field Rd Cromwell at 9:45. Wear sturdy shoes or boots, bring water and a snack, and a rake if you have one.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Beginner/novice no drop ride. Trails are fun flowy and relatively smooth with a lot of longer gradual climbs. Meet at 5:45 at the park lot at 1 Hurd Park Rd East Hampton for 6:00 departure.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

TM Report: Litter Cleanup

Trash "highlight" from Waldo
I spent two hours yesterday morning picking up trash in the parking lot at Waldo, as well as along the fire road and the picnic area at the lake.  Took out two bagsful.  There's probably another half to full bag's worth of trash at the picnic area to be removed (I ran out of space in the bag I had with me).

Broken cooler in the bushes @ Naugy
This morning, I spent two hours at the Reservoir 4 parking lot of Naugy West Block, as well as a cursory look around the dam.  Four bags came out with me.  Highlights include what must have been a family picnic - broken Styrofoam cooler included - tossed into the prickers, copious fishing line (despite Naugatuck Valley Audubon's receptacle being a few steps away), and a pair of shoes.

Something I picked up must've been particularly nasty, because on my return home the bed of my pickup smelled like the northbound end of a southbound garbage truck.  (It's been washed out and is presently drying in the sun, what little of it we have today.)

Update 7/11/2016: Post ride @ Waldo, I took out another bagful from the picnic area at the lake.  Honestly, I could probably spend the next week there picking up cigarette butts, wrappers from drinkbox straws, and (especially) bottle caps.  (Litterers' beverage of choice: Corona.)  Looking at the beach north and south of the picnic area, it looks like there's plenty more junk to go, too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ride & Meeting: Wednesday 7/6


Meet in the main lot on Rt 157 in Middletown at 5:30. No drop ride. We'll probably keep a mellow pace because it's supposed to be beastly hot. Optional swim after.

We're having our board meeting afterwards at CFPA Headquarters 16 Meriden Rd (Rt 66) in Rockfall (Middlefield).

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We'll ride at River Highlands in Cromwell on 6/29. Suitable for novice and beginner riders. Social pace no drop. Meet at 6PM in the park lot at 105 Field Rd Cromwell.

TM Report: West Rock Ridge SP

Date: June 20, 2016
Report Type: TM Report
Trail Name: West Rock Ridge SP
Town: Hamden
Trail Conditions: Good

Observations/Information: From January to June, I put in 27 hours worth of work at West Rock on the Red and Red-White Trails, mostly near Farm Brook Reservoir. I placed a heavy emphasis on cutting the autumn olive shrubs that line the open field, along with cutting and pulling other assorted invasives, including bittersweet vines and thorny multi-flora rose shrubs. The Red Trail that I created along Farm Brook Reservoir had parts that were quickly becoming overgrown, so I cut that back in June. The Red-White Trail from the top of the field to the gravel road portion of the Red Trail needs a good pruning back. That will be my next project. in particular, the bittersweet vines are growing along and across the trail.

Trail Ambassador Name: Tom Ebersold
Trail Ambassador E-mail: bikehikekayak123 [at
How did you use the trail? Hiking/Walking
Trails Ridden: Red and Red-White
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours): 27

Approximate Distance (Miles): 4

TM Report: Naugatuck State Forest

Date: June 27, 2016
Report Type: TM Report
Trail Name: Naugatuck State Forest
Town: Oxford
Trail Conditions: Beige Trail, blazed, but mostly not rideable

Observations/Information: I had a busy day in my final (yeah) trail project at the Naugatuck State Forest.  I blazed the trail along the west side of Reservoir 3 in Beige. Why beige? I had half a can of it from my neighbor from when he moved. On the trees, it looks like a pale yellow. You can see it in the photo of with the logs. I cleared a blowdown that was blocking the trail. I blocked off two of the three trails at the first stream crossing, and created my own approach to the second stream crossing.
I placed logs by junction with the Red-Green Trail, so people can follow the Beige trail. I did some light pruning along the sunny part of the trail. The photos of the trail are AFTER I did my light pruning. You can push through on foot, but there is lots of growth that will catch on bike handlebars. The sections that are in the woods, closer to Reservoir 4, are fine for bicycling.

I carried the pickup truck parts to the Chestnut Tree Hill Road gate for the state to remove. The state removed the truck several years ago. The parking lot at this location has been greatly enlarged, which is good news because this area needs a good sized lot. Twenty cars could probably park in this area now.

I found two wood ticks crawling around my car as I was driving home. I tossed them out onto the hot asphalt at the supermarket to cook and die. A very thorough tick check found no creepy crawlers on me.
I'll schedule a work party after the frost. While it would be tempting for someone to blast through there with a brush cutter, the reality is that there are many good native tree, shrubs, and other plants intermingled with the nasty invasives. My focus would be careful pruning of the natives and ripping out the invasives as much as possible.

Trail Ambassador Name: Tom Ebersold
Trail Ambassador E-mail: bikehikekayak123 [at] sbcglobal[dot]net 
How did you use the trail? Hiking/Walking 
Trails Ridden: Beige (West side of Reservoir 3) 
Time of day: Afternoon 
Time/Duration (hours): 4 
Approximate Distance (Miles): 1 
Image 1: Map-Naugatuck SF West w. colors.jpg 
Image 2: NSF, Beige Tr. after clearing, 6-16.JPG 
Image 3: NSF, Beige Tr. start at Red-Green Tr., 6-16.JPG 
Image 4: NSF, car parts at Chestnut Tree Hill Rd. parking, 6-16.JPG 
Image Description(s)/Instructions: The color-coded map of the Naugatuck State Forest, along with views along the Beige Trail and the car parts formerly along the trail.