Sunday, August 14, 2011

TM Report: Trout Brook

Date: 8/6/2011
Report Type: TM Report:
Trail Name: Trout Brook
Town: Weston
Trail Conditions: Dry
Observations/Information: IMBA sponsored a 4 day event with FC NEMBA, and included a Trail School day which was 3 hours in classroom and an afternoon of trail work at Troutbrook. We had a total of 24 volunteers (4 IMBA teachers, 6 CTNEMBA TA's and 14 Other Volunteers) We built a raised switchback on a steep hillside that include construction of a 3 foot retaining wall. We brought over about twelve 600+ lb boulders for the wall and 3 yards are soil. Absolute success would be an understatement, the bond with Troutbrook and FCNEMBA was strengthened by this show cased project. A huge thanks goes out to IMBA for this successful 4 day event.
TA's at Event:
Ryan Tucker
Kyaiera Tucker
Chris Keczkemethy
Paula Burton
Rich Coffey
David Francefort
Trail Ambassador Name: David Francefort

Trail Ambassador E-mail: dfrancefortATgmailDOTcom
How did you use the trail? Other Trail use

Trails Ridden: N/A
Time of day: Afternoon
Time/Duration (hours): 4.5
Approximate Distance (Miles): N/A
Images/Photos: 6027298006_001fc6b059_b.jpg
2nd image: 6027299452_1a7918efd1_b.jpg
3rd Image: 6027854532_5ba1e464ec_b.jpg
4th Image: 6027855296_1fca73a71c_b.jpg

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Terrance Gallagher said...

Pretty impressive rocks that you moved with the 4 man lifting sling - nice job.