Thursday, October 14, 2010

TM Report:Seth Low Pierrepont SP

entrance to Seth Low SP
Date of Activity:  10/14/10
Location: Seth Low Pierrepont SP
Condition of Trails(s): Getting better
Observations: The purpose of this visit to Seth Low was to make sure all the flags were still in place for the work party on this Sunday.  Dave Francefort brough his chain saw to help do the prep work for Sunday. Dave cleared an old trail that was not being used that will connect with the new trail, and I cut the deadfall on the new section. I also had the gas powered leaf blower, and used that to define the area that will be benched on Sunday. I also plan to remove the old trail, which will require hauling out a bunch of rotten wood.  This is a very special project. CTNEMBA was asked to consult by the DEP on a problem trail.  One solution proposed was to build a new trail to it possible to get to the other side of the park without going through a swamp. On Sunday we will building that trail. The new trail will be bike friendly and has a number of grade dips which help keep the water off the trail and are fun to ride.

Trail Ambassador Name: Paula Burton, Dave Francefort
Trail Ambassador Email:   peburtonataoldotcom
Trail(s) Ridden: Hiked new section and part of red and part of white
How did you use the trail: Trail building, maintenance
What was the time of day: late afternoon
Duration (Hours): 1.5 hours
Distance (Miles):1 mile
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