Friday, October 15, 2010

TA Report: Cockaponset SF / Weber Woods

Date of Activity: October 15th
Location: Cockaponset SF/Weber Woods
Condition of Trail(s): Moist with lots of small blow down and leaves
Observations: Hiked out on the green, cleaning up the trail as I went; explored the trail around the old paintball war zone that needs a little help, but has promise; back on the green I decided to follow the short logging road just before the cliffs; I wanted to scout this area again for a potential trail so I bushwhacked the forest north; came out further down the green by the horse farm and followed an unmarked lollipop trail south towards the farm house that I had never been on; met up with a couple of women coming down from the private property with four dogs and exchanged introductions; they were both long time horse riders and told me about a few hidden horse trails within Weber Woods I didn’t know existed; we hiked up the green to a beautiful hidden trail that took us north to the green again; we talked a lot and they gave me some names of other long time horse riders who have handmade trail maps of this area as well as the Cockaponset parcel between route 80 and 145 north; we kept east out to the dirt road and back to the parking lot, then parted ways; I had a great hike and ended up with some good leads I need to follow up on.

Trail Ambassador Name: Don Hazuka
Trail Ambassador Email: donald(dot)hazuka(at)covidien(dot)com
Town: Clinton/Westbrook
Trail(s) Ridden: Green/bushwhack/unmarked
How did you use the trail: Hike and trail clean up
What was the time of day: Late afternoon
Duration (Hours): 2.0
Distance (Miles): 4+

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