Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TA Report: Cockaponset SF / Weber Woods

Date of Activity:  October 12th
Location:  Cockaponset SF / Weber Woods
Condition of Trail(s):  Dry with lots of small blow down
Observations:  Just realized I had the wrong dates on my post yesterday (should have been 10/10 and 10/11); anyway, I parked solo at the west lot and filled the box with extra maps for the fall season, then hiked across the orange where I got a decent shot of the blue heron in flight in the horse pond; took the red down to the other side of the pond and on the way back noticed an unmarked that I never seen on my bike; it turned out to be a really nice route to the green and went through some cool terrain and by some old growth trees, both dead and alive; made a large loop of the trails all within the Westbrook portion of the forest and was able to really clean them up; came back around to the parking lot where my vehicle still stood alone; it’s amazing how much more you see at hiking speed rather than biking speed.

Trail Ambassador Name:  Don Hazuka
Trail Ambassador Email:  donald(dot)hazuka(at)covidien(dot)com
Town:  Westbrook
Trail(s) Ridden:  Green/orange/unmarked/blue/white/yellow
How did you use the trail:  Hike and trail clean up
What was the time of day:  Early afternoon
Duration (Hours):  1.5
Distance (Miles):  4

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