Monday, October 11, 2010

TA Report: Chatfield Hollow State Park

Date of Activity: October 10th and 11th
Location: Chatfield Hollow State Park
Condition of Trail(s): Dry with some fallen leaves

October 10: I decided to ride new trails and chose Chatfield Hollow today; I started at the lower lot and took the dirt access road up; approached and older woman on a horse coming down, so I stopped and dismounted; she was amazed and thanked me profusely for the courtesy; continued to the blue trail and headed out; I got about a mile in when I lodged my front wheel between a root and rock and launched over the bar with my left pedal’s studs raking across my left shin below the knee; got up to find a nasty gash with a red river flowing; wrapped it up and headed back to the car and home; decided it was time to visit the clinic; two hours, seven stitches, and one tetanus shot later, I was on the couch watching college football.

October 11: I can’t ride for a couple of weeks, but decided to scout the Chatfield trails I wanted to ride the day before to get an idea of the terrain and also proper direction of ride; grabbed my Limmers from the closet and headed back for some hiking; took the blue all around and came across a young family very lost and heading north, so I showed them my map and headed them back (received a big thank you); jumped on the white and met another young family on the summit wanting to know if they were “at the top”; I assured them they were and again shared my map to get them in the correct direction back (another gracious thank you); continued on the green loop back to the access road and to my car; headed home with leg throbbing, but feeling very good.

Trail Ambassador Name: Don Hazuka
Trail Ambassador Email: donald(dot)hazuka(at)covidien(dot)com
Town: Killingworth
Trail(s) Ridden: Blue/white/green
How did you use the trail: Mountain bike/hike
What was the time of day: Mid afternoon
Duration (Hours): 2 1/4 total
Distance (Miles): 6+ total

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