Sunday, October 3, 2010

TA Report: Wilton Woods

Date of Activity: 10/3/10
Condition of Trails(s): Damp

Trail Ambassador Name: David Francefort

Observations: Got to the park early to repair the teeter-totter on the black diamond trail, rode bike out with all necessary tools in hand, took the TT apart and used lags bolts to properly a fix it to the tree and seemed to work. Met up with a friend in the parking lot for our planned ride, park is in great condition, although on the black diamond trail a large tree limb came down in the recently winds and is partially blocking the trail. I will get back out this week to chain saw out.
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Wilton
Location: Wilton Woods
Trail(s) Ridden: Most
How did you use the trail?: Mountain Biking / Trail Maintenance
What was the time of day?: 8AM
Duration (Hours): 3 Mountain Biking / 1 TM
Distance (Miles): 5

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