Sunday, October 10, 2010

TA Report: Pachaug State Forest

nice single track heading into a pine forest

Date of Activity: 10/10/10
Trail Ambassador Name: Thom Lamourine
Condition of Trail(s): Beautiful, dry, leaf covered, many trees down
Small section with one tree down after another

Observations: Steve and myself decided to take a mini trip up to Pachaug for a new ride area. Place is kinda large with all the interconnects with other parks and forests. From what I have read/seen on maps you can actually ride all the way over to Arcadia in Rhode Island, now that would be epic!! anyway, we started out at the little parking lot on the corner of 138 and 201. Ended up mostly on fire roads all day just scoping out the area. you can drive right into the park so next time we'll park inside the park and ride a big circle. We did finally hit some single track after getting a good distance in. there is a little of everything in that place from basic flat, smooth and fast to pretty gnarly down hill-ish type stuff.  Place really does need someone to talk to the State Rep and get in there with Chain saws as there are a lot of piled up, really LARGE trees down in areas... sometime 10-20 in a 1/4 mile section.

don't think you're riding over that!!

Place could really use some trail markings also, what little there is has kinda faded and is few and far between.
Still had a great day and would recommend someone looking for a change of pace to head on over and give it a try!! just bring a map... (and GPS if you have one!!)
Trail Ambassador Email: Thom(at)ectrr(dot)com
Town: Fairfield, Easton
Location: Pachuag State Forest
Trail(s) Fire roads, Blue Trail, mostly unmarked stuff
How did you use the trail?: MTB
What was the time of day?: 9ish-1PM
Duration (Hours): 3+
Distance (Miles): a lot,

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