Sunday, October 3, 2010

TA: Report: Mansfield Hollow State Park

Date of Activity: 10/3/10
Trail Ambassador Name: Lon Hultgren
Condition of Trails(s): Dry and a little leafy
Observations: Was pressed for time today, so I stuck to the yellow trail and cut out the Ridge (Jay) trail, the Red trail on the South side of Bassetts Bridge Road and the Blue trail. This takes about 2 miles out of the reservoir loop. Trails were bone dry, even after last week's rain, and there was a suprising absence of blow downs given the winds that accompainied the rain. Picked up a few water bottles at the football field parking lot (start and stop location).
Trail Maintenance hours:0
Work accomplished:Minor trash removal.
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Mansfield
Location: Mansfield Hollow State Park
Trail(s) Ridden: Mostly Yellow today
How did you use the trail: Usual clockwise trip around the Mansfield Hollow Reservoir
What was the time of day: 5 PM
Duration (Hours): 1
Distance (Miles): 4.3

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