Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TM Report: Mianus River Park

Date of Activity: June 5
Trail Boss Name: R Tucker, K Mistretta, D Francefort, Chris K., Rich C.; 40 volunteers

Condition of Trails(s): Several Project areas
Observations: Trail widening needs to be rehabilitated, install a hardened river access, and choke/rehab river side habitat
Trail Maintenance: 44 x 3 hours
Work accomplished: Rehabilitated, armored, choked, and narrowed the Meander Trail over roughly 500 yards. Installed deer fencing and river bank restoration area. Good mix of volunteers from Trout Unlimited, Greenwich Associates, CT NEMBA, Meet up, and the Friends of Mianus RP. Great day of work with some great refreshments and food afterwards, sorry for the delay in writing up!

Trail Ambassador Email: rrtucker at gmail dot com

Town: Stamford
Location: Mianus River Park
Trail(s) Ridden: Trail Maintenance
How did you use the trail: Riding
What was the time of day: 9-12noon
Duration (Hours): 3 hours
Distance (Miles): N/A

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