Friday, July 23, 2010

TA Report: Mianus River

Date of Activity: July 22
Trail Ambassador Name: R Tucker, K Mistretta, M Burke

Condition of Trails(s): Stay off river side trails. Watch out for downed trees.
Observations: River side trails look like they had some wash, please stay off river side trails. Downed trees, limbs, and derailier killing sticks all over, watch your lines.
Trail Maintenance hours: 2.25 hours,
Work accomplished: removed Hill Trail/Ridge run deadfall, removed Peak Trail deadfall, removed Pine Hill Rd deadfall, removed Cave Trail deadfall. Reclosed Hill Trail rock wall with deadfall, rocks, and other debris. Don't undo blocked trails as trails are blocked or rerouted with land owner approval, trail vandals will be reported to town of Stamford and Stamford PD.

Trail Ambassador Email: rrtucker at gmail dot com
Town: Stamford
Location: Mianus River Park
Trail(s) Ridden: Trail Maintenance
How did you use the trail: Riding
What was the time of day: 6:30-8:45pm
Duration (Hours): 2 hours 15 minutes (6.75 hours total)
Distance (Miles): 5 miles

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