Monday, May 17, 2010

TA Report: Grayville Falls Park

Date of Activity: 5-15-2010

Condition of Trail: Outstanding

Trail Ambassador Name: Daren Casey
Town: Grayville
Location: Amston
Trail(s) Ridden: Up the short side to Kings Crest, down to the center and then the bottom loop with skinnies back to the ridge, (ugh) and back down again
How did you use the trail? Mountain biking
What was the time of day? afternoon
Hours: 2.15 hrs
Distance: 10 plus miles

Encounters & Observations: Just a GREAT day of riding. The trails were outstanding and the friends I was riding with were even better! The trails and weather were absolutely great!! A tree had fallen on the trail headed up to Kings Crest. I wasn’t riding as an TA so I didn’t have the saw with me, (DOH), but we worked as a team and managed to get the limbs pulled back, broke and wedged so the trail is now clear and ready. One member of our group was having a rough day so we stopped for a few minutes to let her recouped, see picture. Though it wasn’t her greatest day of riding, she and her husband had one helluva cookout after the ride. Great riding, weather, food and friends. Does it get any better??

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