Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trail Maintenance @ MRP

Date of Activity: March 20th
Condition of Trail: Low Trails are still to be avoided, high trails are fine. Keep an eye out for falling limbs, trees, and derailier killing twigs.

Trail Ambassador Name: R Coffey, D Francefort, K and R Tucker and 6 other volunteers
Email: rrtucker at gmail dot com
Town: Stamford
Location: Mianus River Park
Trail(s) Ridden: Second Loop, Pine Hill Rd, Inner Rd, Main Rd, and River Rd
How did you use the trail? Trail Maintenance
What was the time of day? 9am-1pm
Hours of TM: 4 hours

Encounters & Observations: Man vs. Trees Day:We had a great showing of regular and new Mianus volunteers to clear a bunch of the big downed trees.

We had one tree that was "special" and required about 2-2.5 hours of dedicated efforts by our crack team of TMers. The tree didn't want us to remove it, think a toddler trying to move a sumo, but the efforts of 5 or 6 10'' hand saws, a couple pry bars, and a waning group sense of humor won the day. Pictures of our conquests were included in my previous post. We won the battle, but there's still a war as we have a couple more bigguns here and there to take out, watch out for them.

Please note: the East Spur of Oak Trail has been closed due to proximity to a vernal pool.

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