Saturday, September 12, 2009

TA Report: Wilton Woods

Date of Activity:09-12-09
Condition of Trails(s): Wet, very muddy

Trail Ambassador Name: David Francefort
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Wilton
Location: Wilton Woods
Trail(s) Ridden: N/A
How did you use the trail?: Trail Maintenance
What was the time of day?: Noon
Duration (Hours): 3
Distance (Miles): N/A
Observations: Wilton Conservation Commission approved a low wooden walkway for the blue trail in a perpetual muddy area. The walkway will end of being aroung 40 feet in length. Headed out to their shed to pick up the first load of pre-cut wood. Found an old yellow trail that got me with 600 feet or so of the project site. Made 4 trips in carrying wood and supplies. Built the first 10 foot section of four sections. Pictures to come on 9-13-09 TM report

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