Sunday, July 10, 2016

TM Report: Litter Cleanup

Trash "highlight" from Waldo
I spent two hours yesterday morning picking up trash in the parking lot at Waldo, as well as along the fire road and the picnic area at the lake.  Took out two bagsful.  There's probably another half to full bag's worth of trash at the picnic area to be removed (I ran out of space in the bag I had with me).

Broken cooler in the bushes @ Naugy
This morning, I spent two hours at the Reservoir 4 parking lot of Naugy West Block, as well as a cursory look around the dam.  Four bags came out with me.  Highlights include what must have been a family picnic - broken Styrofoam cooler included - tossed into the prickers, copious fishing line (despite Naugatuck Valley Audubon's receptacle being a few steps away), and a pair of shoes.

Something I picked up must've been particularly nasty, because on my return home the bed of my pickup smelled like the northbound end of a southbound garbage truck.  (It's been washed out and is presently drying in the sun, what little of it we have today.)

Update 7/11/2016: Post ride @ Waldo, I took out another bagful from the picnic area at the lake.  Honestly, I could probably spend the next week there picking up cigarette butts, wrappers from drinkbox straws, and (especially) bottle caps.  (Litterers' beverage of choice: Corona.)  Looking at the beach north and south of the picnic area, it looks like there's plenty more junk to go, too.

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