Sunday, December 21, 2014

TM Report: Naugatuck State Forest

Date: 12/21/2014
Report Type: TM Report
Trail Name: Naugatuck State Forest
Town: Oxford
Trail Conditions: Wet (still) - unrideable

Observations/Information: Since my window of opportunity will be closing soon weather-wise, I wanted to get some more done on the brush clearing project. This time, I attacked it from the other end, heading in at Res 4, down the Camaro trail, hang a right then a left and up the nasty washed out hill.

Trails are wet. Everywhere. Even the Camaro trail was mostly mush. Several trails (including a goodly piece of the one I was clearing brush on) are active watercourses. Bound to get worse, given the warm and wet in the forecast.

Last week's estimate that I was halfway done appears to be a bit optimistic. Looks like it was more like a bit under a third. Today was a bit over a third, and methinks there's a third left to connect the two.  For the most part, branches could be pulled off the trail, but in some cases lopping (or even the handsaw) was needed.  They also left a few logs here and there I couldn't do anything with, given tools at hand.

I had to stop a few times on the way out and back to do some minor lopping and to pull down a hung up branch. Took longer to get to and from as well, since there wasn't a handy fire road to ride down and up. (Trails unrideable cuz - all together now! - wet.)  Evidence someone (dirt bike I'm betting) was riding in there, given some places with deep, wide ruts.

Didn't see anyone else (but did hear plenty of activity at the range). Not too surprised - did I mention it was wet?

Trail Ambassador Name: John Joy
Trail Ambassador E-mail: jmj [at] savagejoy [dot] com
How did you use the trail? Trail Maintenance
Trails Ridden:
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours): 3.75
Approximate Distance (Miles): 1 in, 1 out and .3ish worked on

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John - Great to see your custom-made maps!