Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rockland Preserve

Date: May 16th
Report Type: TM Report:
Trail Name: Rockland Preserve
Town: North Madison
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Observations/Information: Walked in to the lower section of beyond thunderdome and repaired/finished the first of the three berms. THe existing berm wasn't finished and because of this the trail had a slightly awkward twist that begged folks to hit their brakes....

My new berm should ride, drain, and settle in well... it will certainly make this section faster, flowy and more fun.
Trail Ambassador Name: John Biehn

Trail Ambassador E-mail: jbiehnATgmailDOTcom
How did you use the trail? Hiking/Walking
Trails Ridden: walked in for TM
Time of day: Evening
Time/Duration (hours): 3 hours
Approximate Distance (Miles): 2 miles
Images/Photos: IMG_3741.jpg
2nd image: IMG_7274.jpg
3rd Image:
4th Image:

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