Sunday, March 3, 2013

Naugatuck State Forest

Date: March 3, 2013
Report Type: TA Report:
Trail Name: Naugatuck State Forest
Town: Hamden-Bethany
Trail Conditions: Surprisingly Snowy
Observations/Information: With all the recent rain and snow melt, I expected the trails to have maybe a few inches of snow on them. No such luck. It was demanding conditions for hiking with areas of compacted snow that were still a foot deep, so every step involved breaking through the snow. In some places, snowshoes would have been a real help. In others, bare ground poked through in spots. Until there is more melting, there is no hope of biking. There were no issues with blowdowns. I had reblazed the White Trail in July 2010, and the blazes are noticeably weathered, so if I have time, I will redo them this summer.
Trail Ambassador Name: Tom Ebersold

Trail Ambassador E-mail: bikehikekayak123 [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
How did you use the trail? Hiking/Walking
Trails Ridden: White, gas pipeline, various unmarked
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours): 3
Approximate Distance (Miles): 4
Images/Photos: Brooksvale Stream bridge, 3-13.jpg
2nd image:
3rd Image:
4th Image:

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