Sunday, April 24, 2011

TA Report: Cockaponset SF

Date: 4-24-2011
Report Type: TA Report
Trail Name: Cockaponset
Town: Chester
Trail Conditions: Wet and dry mix with areas of mud
Observations/Information: Did a 12 mile loop and ran into 5 other mountain bikers. Mosquitoes are hatching, the frogs were very loud and some undergrowth is beginning to develop leaves again. Not the best ride, especially since it rained a bit. The trails were more wet than what I had expected - more rain on Saturday than what I thought.

I would expect Cockaponset to be much better tomorrow afternoon.
Trail Ambassador Name: Bryan McFarland

Trail Ambassador E-mail: czimborbryan*sbcglobal*net
How did you use the trail? Mt Biking
Trails Ridden: Rocky Road > Old County > Mottland > Jerricho > Purple > Orange > Braided Trails > Purple > Rocky Road > Red
Time of day: Evening
Time/Duration (hours): 2.0
Approximate Distance (Miles): 12
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