Friday, March 25, 2011

TA Report: Wilton Woods

Date of Activity: 3/25/11
Condition of Trails(s): Dry, a few damp spots
Observations: First order of business was a meeting with Patricia Sesto and Mike Conklin from WCC regarding some park issues, we utilized the current trail map to pinpoint the problem areas. Mike also gave me some new tools they purchased for the shed, a Rogue hoe and McCleod, which Chris K and I can share for projects at both WW and Bradley parks. Went to Witon Woods and hike out to a overhanding tree, which I managed to cut and remove. I then hiked the entire trail system determining if I could recommend that mountain biking be able to begin again. Based upon 95% of the park now dry and there are only a few short problematic areas with wetter conditions, I email the WCC asking to reopen the park to biking. I am hopeful that next Monday/Tuesday I can take down all the trail closed signs. After my hike I drove to the Sackett Preserve shed and dropped off the tools.
Trail Ambassador Name: David Francefort

Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Wilton
Location: Wilton Woods
Trail(s) Ridden: N/A
How did you use the trail?: Trail Maintenance
What was the time of day?: 10AM
Duration (Hours): 4
Distance (Miles): N/A

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