Sunday, December 26, 2010

TA Report: Wilton Woods

Date of Activity: 12/26/10
Condition of Trails(s): Dry, Frozen
Trail Ambassador Name: David Francefort
Observations: Led a small group ride, all of which had not been to the park, we had a few mechanical issue, one of which could not be resolved and the rider had to bail, then the snow started, making some of the stuntery very tough to navigate, but we pushed on and hit every trail in the park, great route: West Blue, Red, Orange, White, Blue, White, Blue. Riders were officially hooked on the technical aspects of the park.
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Wilton
Location: Wilton Woods
Trail(s) Ridden: Most
How did you use the trail?: Mountain Biking
What was the time of day?: 9AM
Duration (Hours): 3
Distance (Miles): 6

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