Saturday, December 4, 2010

TA Report: Upper Paugussett State Forest

Date of Activity: 12/03/2010
Trail Conditions: Upper Gussy is great because it's sustainable, however, everywhere else wasn't so great.  Wet with quite a bit of free standing water.

Observations: Rode up and down the Gussy Trail and it was a blast.  Incredible how well a trail built with sustainable techniques holds up after the nearly 3 inches of rain we got on Wednesday.  However, other areas within the Upper Paugussett were really wet.

Upper section of the Mulikin Trail was really washed out and the lower section in the picture above is pretty soggy further down and I would not recommend riding that part, take the bypass if you are going to ride this trail.

Trail Ambassador: Mark Lurie
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Newtown
Location: Paugussett State Forest
Trail(s) Ridden: Upper Gussy, Polly Brody, Mulikin
How did you use the trail: biking
Duration (Hours):1 hour
Distance (Miles): 6

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