Friday, December 3, 2010

TA Report: River Highlands State Park

Date: December 3, 2010
Location: River Highlands State Park
Condition of Trails: Good & dry

Observations: I rode here on Friday the 3rd, just two days after the deluge on Wednesday and, even though I ride here all the time and am aware of how quickly it dries out, I was amazed at how dry it was. This place just doesn't hold water. The roots under the leaves were wet, and there were a lot of sticks and limbs down from the wind. I spent a lot of time picking up said sticks and limbs but I expected that and was not put off by it.

Trail Ambassador Name: Glenn Vernes
Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Cromwell
Trails Ridden: Green, red, yellow, unmarked
How Did You Use The Trail?: Mountain bike
Time of Day: Afternoon
Duration: 1.5 hrs
Distance: About 10 miles.

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