Saturday, December 11, 2010

TA Report: Collis P Huntington State Park

Date of Activity: 12/11/10
Condition of Trail: Frost Heaves, frozen mode, ice and some snow
Trail Ambassador Name: Mark Lurie

Encounters & Observations: Another beautiful pre-winter ride at Collis P Huntington State Park.  There is some mud here an there in spots where you expect it, other wise trails are pretty good.  The snow from last night is pretty much gone although it could still be found on the northern faces of most rocks.  Lots of walkers with dogs in the park but very little bikers seen.

All the ponds are frozen over but the ice isn't really thick enough to support a person's weight.

Distance:  8.5 miles
Duration:  2 hours
Time of day:  1 PM

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