Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TA Report: Cockaponset SF / Weber Woods

Date of Activity:  November 3, 2010
Location:  Cockaponset SF / Weber Woods
Condition of Trail(s):  Very dry and leaf covered
Observations:  I had the day off so I hit the trails after lunch once the temperature rose; had no plan in mind so I just rode and enjoyed; came across two women on horses on the green by the farm and we spoke briefly; took a nice unmarked north and over to the Quinimay, then down to the green where I saw a guy walking his golden retriever; hit the orange down to the south green for a bit to another unmarked north very near 145; took the unmarked loop by the horse pond where several rotted fallen trees littered the trail, so I cleaned them up and continued over to the red then blue and met another guy walking his dog; took another unmarked where I came across a guy in camo’s taking a camera out of a tree where he had it set up to take images of deer; back on the blue to the green and then home; a spectacular day off.    
Trail Ambassador Name:  Don Hazuka

Trail Ambassador Email:  donald(dot)hazuka(at)covidien(dot)com
Town:  Clinton/Killingworth/Westbrook/Deep River
Trail(s) Ridden:  Some of all, all of some
How did you use the trail:  Mountain biking
What was the time of day:  Early afternoon
Duration (Hours):  2
Distance (Miles):  9 1/4

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