Sunday, October 17, 2010

TA Report: West Hartford Reservoir

Date of Activity: 10-17-2010
Condition of Trail: Good
Trail Ambassador Name: Daren Casey

Encounters & Observations: Great morning for a ride. Trails were in good
condition. A few puddles but nothing too bad. I skipped the bottom part of
Bomber, figured it would be a mud bath and I not having a great day on the
tech stuff anyway. Crashed while crossing the creek just before the
entrance the upper dikes. Landed on the other side and tore up the right
thigh. Long ride back but stuck to the fire roads and main path. Warning,
not only does WH Rez have bike eating gates, but they have rocks that become
slippery when wet and covered with leaves.. I suggest not trying to adjust
your path while on them... OUCH!
Town: West Hartford
Location: West Hartford Reservoir
Trail(s) Ridden: Started out of the main lot, up the outer loop, across the
secret trail, top half bomber, main trails back
How did you use the trail? Mountain biking
What was the time of day? morning
Hours: 1.25 hrs
Distance: 8.5 miles

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