Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TA Report: River Highlands State Park

Date of Activity: August 16, 2010
Trail Ambassador Names: Glenn Vernes
Trail Ambassador Email: glennvernes33athotmaildotcom
Town: Cromwell
Time of Day: Evening
Duration: 1.25 hrs
Condition of Trail(s): Good, slick roots
I rode the Blow Hole Monday night. It had rained recently and, although the dirt was dry, the roots were wet and slippery, adding challenge to a place that has become routine. It was dank and extremely humid- it felt like riding and taking a shower at the same time, only the shower got you dirty.
On Tuesday the 24th I hiked in with the big saw to clear a tree that had fallen across one of the double tracks. A diversion trail was beginning to form around it and it was overdue for removal.

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