Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TA Report: Cockaponset SF (Msex Section)

Location: Cockaponset State Forest (Middlesex Section)
Date of Activity: 8/24/10
Condition of Trails(s): Damp
Trail Ambassadors: Mark Lurie, Glenn Vernes, Al Tinti
Duration (Hours): 1

Observations: Nice little pre-board meeting rip through the forest on Single Speeds, except Al.  Everyone coming to the party had a 29er so it was Big Wheel Fest at Msex last night.  Trails were damp but there was no mud.  Exposed rock, in which the trails runs over in many places, was bone dry.  Awesome features to ride.  Trails is getting a little grown-in but the edges of the shrubbery that board the trail are like hedges.  Need to run through there with an electric hedge cutter or clipper.

More pix and commentary follows

Glenn inspects the route

Trail Ambassador Email:
Town: Middle Haddam
Trail(s) Awesome trails
Distance (Miles): 4

Of course it wouldn't be CT NEMBA TA Ride without at least one mechanical.  Glenn pinch flatted on one rocky descent.  Of course this happened as we were heading back which delayed our arrival at Eli Canons a bit.
The August Board Meeting was held at Eli Canons in Middletown and it just so happened that it was BBC night at Eli's.  Buy a pint, take the glassware home!  Most of the board took their glasses home!

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