Saturday, August 28, 2010

TA Report: Bluff Point

TA Report: Bluff Point
Date of activity: August 26, 2010
Condition of trail(s): Good shape with some low wet spots
Trail Ambassador Name: Don Hazuka

Distance (miles): 11+
Encounters and Observations: I was coming back from a business trip in MA and knew I would have time to ride so I had packed my stuff; this was my first time to the park and I had a heck of a lot of fun; I did all the gravel roads on the map before I discovered the rats nest maze of unmarked trails (not on map) between those roads; the vast network of low / medium technical trails was just a blast to ride; I spent about ten minutes on the trails, came out onto a road for a while, then caught another trail to somewhere else; there were people all over hiking, fishing, riding and kayaking; it was a perfect day near the water; the morning rain left some low lying spots wet and muddy, but overall the trails were in good shape; I planned on spending only about an hour riding, but lost track of time and am glad I did; it was good breaking out from my usual rides in Weber Woods (off my back yard) and I made a goal of riding in a new place every two weeks through the end of the year; I will be going back soon.
Town: Groton
Location: Bluff Point
Trail(s) ridden: All over
How did you use the trail?: Mountain bike
What was the time of day?: Mid afternoon
Duration (hours): 1.75

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