Saturday, July 31, 2010

TA report: Huntington SP

Date of Activity: 7/28/10
Trail Ambassador Name: Ed Perten
Town: Redding
Location: Huntington State Park
Condition of Trail(s): Good
Observations: Maybe my physical therapist's closing comments jinxed me. I have been receiving physical therapy for a frozen shoulder and I asked her if I could ride. She said okay, and do not fall.
I met Javier for a Wednesday evening ride, and was upset as I felt I wasn't riding well. And then this rock jumped out at me, (other people tell me I must have fallen as rocks don't jump, but this one did jump, honest), and I fell. The bike survived fine, my left leg below the knee did not with a 4"-5" gash, some blood and good old mountain bike dirt. Javier and I pooled our first aid kits together and I rode and walked out of the woods.
After approximately a 3 hour visit to the Danbury Hospital ED I left with 6 internal stitches and 16 external stitches, Percosets and Antibiotics. Javier and I shared the sandwiches that I had packed for a midnight snack in the hospital parking lot. I highly recommend Danbury Hospital ED if you need to use their services. Luckily there was no major damage and stitching up the wound was all that was necessary. I have little to no pain and discomfort, I find it annoying. Which leads me to the following suggestion, make sure someone has a well stocked first aid kit and that they know how to use it when you go for a ride.
A statement about the trail we were
riding…about a month ago, Cara fell a few yards before where I fell and was also out of commission for a few weeks suffering from an injury after her fall. It cannot be anything that Cara or I did or our riding abilities, it has got to be the trail that is obviously very treacherous and at fault. I would appreciate it if NEMBA would rectify this situation immediately. Thank you.

Trail Ambassador Email:
Trail(s) Ridden: A bunch
How did you use the trail?: Mountain bike riding
What was the time of day?: Evening
Duration (Hours): 2
Distance (Miles): A bunch

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