Monday, June 21, 2010

TA Report: Rocky Neck SP

The Shipyard Field

Date of Activity: 6/21/2010
Trail Ambassador Name: Thomas Lamourine
Location: Rocky Neck State Park

Condition of Trails(s): Good, Great
Observations: Trails were almost perfect. I will say the trails almost seemed TOO dry. kinda powdery soil texture. All the normal wet spot were bone dry. Even the areas where springs seep out were dry.
Planned on just doing a quick loop just to play with my shock, ( just came back from service) and with the heat/humidity and all, but there was a sweet breeze by the water so I rode pretty much everything there :) Also ran in the the gentleman that helped me out a yr ago after a major face plant. had a little chat and he thought I was mildly crazy to be riding after that :)

Trail Ambassador Email: Thom(at)
Town: East Lyme
Trail(s) Ridden: a Mix
How did you use the trail: biking
What was the time of day: 5pm
Duration (Hours):2
Distance (Miles): ?

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