Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TA Report: River Highlands State Park

Date of Activity: May 15 – June 15, 2010
Trail Ambassador Names: Glenn Vernes
Town: Cromwell
Location: River Highlands State Park.
On my last visit I saw two cars with bike racks in the parking lot, a record so far. Add myself and you have three people riding the Blow Hole at once. It will be interesting to see how the trails hold up to the increasing use (no problems thus far).

Since my last report the DEP has created two campsites in the Blow Hole, right along the river and meant to be accessed by boat. They also installed a primitive outhouse, an interesting place for one since the area floods every spring, guaranteeing a mini sewage spill. They've also shored up one of the sagging bridges on the yellow trail.

Trail Ambassador Email: glennvernes33athotmaildotcom
Trail(s) Ridden: Green, white, yellow, unmarked
How did you use the trail? Mountain bike, hike, & run
What was the time of day? Morning & Afternoon
Duration (Hours): Around 6
Distance (Miles): Around 20
Condition of Trail(s): Good, mostly dry

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