Saturday, June 26, 2010

TA Report: Bluff Point, Haley Farm

What? A CLIMBer left the Sand Bar?

Date of Activity: 6/26/2010
Trail Ambassador Name: Thomas Lamourine
Town:Groton, CT
Location:Haley Farm & Bluff Point

Condition of Trails(s): Good, great, very dry, over grown-ish
Observations:Friend came over from Long Island (AKA the "Sand Bar") with his wife for her (??)th birthday. Got her a long morning spa treatment and he escaped to come ride for a few hours. Parked at Haley Farm and rode over to Bluff where Steve, who was running late, met us. The Bluff and Haley Farm were great. LOTS of family type groups riding around today!
Did a quick run on the left side little ridge by the train tracks and then headed up the main ridge spline of the park and cruised out to the bluff. DId a few of the more harsh rock garden type stuff along the edge of Mumford Cove. stopped at one of the many little secluded beaches and when I got off the bike my seat snapped. :( oh well, sorta half fixed it by putting the broken area in the middle on the seat clamp to get out on it. Had a good day though and was pretty whipped with the humidity so it didn't hurt or ride much. Cheapie seat that's very old (and stinky too, blaacc) so I'm not crying about it.

Trail Ambassador Email: Thom(at)
Trail(s) Ridden: a Mix
How did you use the trail: biking
What was the time of day: 10AM
Duration (Hours):2+
Distance (Miles): ?

I need to loose weight!!?


Mark said...

That saddle is pretty wide ... you should have something a little more narrow.

Thom said...

oh, it was wide, and plush, and super compfy... oh and heavy ;-) LOLOLOLOL