Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trail Ambassador Report - Penwood State Park

Date of Activity: 5/5/10
Condition of Trail: Well worn, some braiding on blue and yellow

Trail Ambassador Name: Kris Ridgeway
Town: Bloomfield
Location: Penwood
Trail(s) Ridden: Rode paved trail from parking lot to yellow along ridge to lookout, further down yellow around swamp and reconnected with paved trail took to area near peak then blue to next lookout. Followed blue and check out greenish/yellow new reroutes which are OK. Followed to Wintonbury road then circle back on Bloomfield side of the ridge.
How did you use the trail? Mountain Biking and popping tires on sharp rocks
What was the time of day? Evening 5-7:30PM
Hours riding: 2.5

Encounters & Observations: Rode with 2 people from work and saw hardtail on yellow and 2 people heading out towards Tariffville at Wintonbury Rd.


Dino Sore said...

I just discovered the greenish/yellow trail at Penwood. Who cut that trail? It looks pretty fresh.

Kris said...

No idea who cut it and if was done with proper permissions however it seams to be legit and may perserve the blue from erosion in sections however it does add to trail braiding.