Monday, May 10, 2010


TA Report: Pequonnock River Valley (aka Trumbull) 5-1 and 5-8 2010
Sunday May 2nd and Saturday May 8th, 2010
Condition of Trails: Dry and Solid
Trail Ambassador Name: Rich C
Trail Ambassador Email: mtnbikerdad[at]yahoo[dot]com
Town: Trumbull
Location: Pequonnock Valley State Forest
Trails Ridden: Various
How did you use the trail?: Biking, Hiking, Blazing
What was the time of day? Late Afternoon 3:00 - 6:30pm, early eve 6 - 7pm
Duration (Hours): 4 1/2 Hours total
Sunday May 2nd
Got to the park after three but it was still sunny, hot and very humid. Entered thru the South End at Daniel Farms Rd. One of the Trumbull Trails Coalition's goals is to revise the exisiting blazing system to simplify perception of main north/south trail system by trying to keep the red highest up, closest to RT25.

Currently the yellow meanders all over the park. On the ridge in the south end, the yellow often frequently overlaps the red. As approved by the Land Manager--in order to minimize confusion--the first step is to separate the red and yellow trails where they frequently overlap. Dual-blazed trails will be phased out throughout the park.

I blazed much or the red trail south of the fire road including up on the cliffs overlooking Rt 25 but there is much more work to be done. Both yellow and red still need to be reblazed on many trails so it may be a bit confusing for a while until the blazing on the overlaps and switches are completed!

Saturday May 8thDidn't get a chance to get to the park until 6pm, but it was still sunny and bright up on the ridge.
Biked in to blaze a bit of the yellow. There is still more work to be done in the south end to minimize confusion/overlap, but as a start, the "Mulholland Drive" trail and other north-south connecting trails were blazed in yellow.

Weather a was gorgeous (and super windy). I only met a couple of hikers and a trail runner whill on the trails.

Pequonnock River Valley Park

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