Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TA Report Huntington State Park

Date of Activity: May 15, 2010
Condition of Trail(s): Good, well-used.

Trail Ambassador Name: Paula Burton, Ed Perten, Glenn Vernes
Trail Ambassador Email: glennvernes33athotmaildotcom
Town: Redding
Location: Huntington State Park
Trail(s) Ridden: South end of Rock & Roll, South Pond, Burned Loop, Twister
How did you use the trail?: Mountain Bike
What was the time of day?: Afternoon
Duration (Hours): 1.5
Distance (Miles): 8 or 10

Observations: This was our post-TM ride (where we armored a small stream crossing, dug a drainage trench, and Paula made a new log-skinny with her chain saw). Trails are well-used but in good condition, although there are a few areas still on the TM agenda. We saw a lot of riders, from neophytes to seasoned veterans. These trails get a lot of use and are holding up well due to good design.

The trails here are deceptively difficult, with a lot of square-edged rocks and steep, twisty climbs. There are also a lot of logs of various sizes lying across the trails. Bring a rigid and/or singlespeed bike and you're in for a workout.

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