Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rick Green's - CT Confidential & possibly more bad news at the Rez!

Rick Green's - CT Confidential

A $2.9 million jury verdict awarded to a woman who crashed her bicycle at the Farmington Avenue reservoir may be more than just bad news for the Metropolitan District Commission.

Thumbnail image for reservoir cycling.jpgThe MDC is now looking at shutting access to its popular reservoir trails to cyclists thanks to Maribeth Blonski of Rocky Hill, who sued after she crashed into a gate in 2002. The controversial verdict came after rulings that the MDC -- a nonprofit municipal corporation -- was not immune to lawsuits, in this case from a cyclist who wasn't paying enough attention as she rode the well-marked trails.

Whatever happened to accepting responsbility for what you do? Nobody forces you to take a bike ride at the reservoir, which includes paved and single-track off road trails. In a region woefully lacking in biking, running and walking trails, the MDC stands out.

reservoir cycling 2.jpgThe result here is that a carless cyclist wins millions of dollars and the rest of us lose. I wonder how happy Ms. Blonksi is with her big victory now.

MDC trails are popular with road and mountain bikers, including me. The miles of trails are one of the few places in the area where walkers, runners and cyclists can go without having to worry about cars.

The issue will likely come up at tonight's MDC meeting of the personel, pension and insurance committee.

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Barry said...

This is huge.

Lots of access to MTB, Blue, the AT, etc... on land owned by all kinds of owners from Northeast Utilities to individuals relies on the coverage of the Landowner Liability law.

Not good!