Monday, May 24, 2010

TA Report: Day Pond

Date of Activity: 5/23/10
Condition of Trails(s): a little damp but not wet
Observations: Group of 10 of us did a full tour ride at Day Pond in Colchester,CT. Trails were in pretty good condition. The ground was a little soft in places but no mud. Only one mechanical problem with a rear derailleur pulley ripped off. Was able to swap the pulley out to the lower one that was ripped off and turn it into a single speed tensioner. Other than that no issues. Great place to ride. Met up with three riders in the parking lot who were just heading out as we were leaving.

Trail Ambassador Name: William Czaja
Trail Ambassador Email:
Location: Day Pond
Trail(s) Ridden: N/A
How did you use the trail?: Riding
What was the time of day?: 9-11:30 AM
Duration (Hours): 2.5
Distance (Miles): unknown

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