Sunday, April 11, 2010

TM report - Hartman Park

Well we got the truck right within 50 yards of the old Bridge

Date of Activity: 4/10/2009
Condition of Trail(s): great

The old bridge

Ambassador Email: Thom(at)ectrr(dot)com
Town: Lyme , CT
Location: Hartman Park
Trail(s) Orange
How did you use the trail: Maintenance
What was the time of day: 9:00 am
Duration (Hours):3 hours

Well, I got up late, packed the van in a rush, and off I went to Hartman park with 2 bridges dangling out the back of my Van.

3 people from the Town of Lyme showed for the event. Linda Bireley, Diana Boehning, and Parker Lord. Parker brought his pick up and we loaded it to the max
heade up and into the woods. Got to the original area we were going to hike in from and talking to Parker we decided to hike up the orange trail and see if we could get the truck closer. I was a little concerned about the brush, trees and rocks scraping his truck. His response...[b]"It's a truck, this is what trucks are for, not those fancy city fangled things that look like trucks but are just girlie cars..." [/b]Got to love those old tymer Connecticut Yankees ;) They are all old roads, so it's not like we were damaging the trails.

They started unloading and I ran down and yanked the old bridge.
The black flies were BAD!!! using my coat as a "black fly helmet"

We brought everything down to the stream and set the frame in place for the fitting and locking down to the rocks

once we figured out where everything was going to land and how it would hold to the rock is was Sawzall time

We cut and leveled the first frame and started decking it,

and once everyone was going along we cleared the junk out of the stream under where the 2nd piece was going to keep the water flow going smoothly..

slapped the 2nd frame in place,and decked it up.

and then we were done... :)


Terrance Gallagher said...

That's a nice looking bridge. What are the little brackets for on the side of the stringers?

Thom said...

Sorry Terrance, didn't see your comment till now, the brackets keep the lumber from curling and/or rolling. If you've ever seen a 5-6 yr old bridge with the lower structure pulling away or at an angle and the thing is getting wobbly, this is what they are there to help prevent. :)