Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Milford Earth Day: Tri-eco-thon

On milford earth day april 24th NEMBA helped the earthday committee put together a fun ride for kids and adults. The ride we heled present and execute had a short run, a kayak ride, and a short mountain bike ride over a 1/3 mile circle.

Turnout was outstanding for earthday - 350 people. The ecothon ride was filled to capacity at 40 people early in the day. It was exciting, most of the participants expressed sincere thanks to NEMBA, it's ambassadors, and for what we do... We hope to expant the run to a ride training, trail school, park tour.

Hopefully, next year's event (april 16 2011) will set a format to execute similar fun runs for firstimers and beginners to get introduced to responsible trail riding and trail care. the run spanned an hour and a half with 12 volunteers, including two lifeguards from the boy scouts.

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