Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hartman Park: Spur of the [weather] moment TM session

It looks like a GO for Saturday morning at Hartman Park to replace a small bridge. with a ride afterwards. :) Need bodies to carry the stuff out, and If someone has a cordless circular saw or a small chain saw to cut up the old one that would be awesome.

Setting a tentative time of 9:00 am, We'll be meeting THE FIELD on the RED TRAIL..

Parking will most likely be at the main lot and ride in SO give yourselves a few extra minutes to ride/hike to the field!!! (it's only around a Miles distance?)

You can walk/ride the road or the trail. If you are bringing something (shovels, saws, tools etc.) you can drop them at the fields entrance from the road.

I'll be supplying Cordless Impacts for assembly. The Town of Lyme/Lyme Conservation Trust is supplying materials. Some soil work may need to be done so if you have a shovel to bring that would be a bonus also. If I get a count I'll Try to bring my little portable gas grill and some hot dogs for lunch after the ride.(bring your own beverage!!)

E-mail me at THOM(at)ECTRR.COM f you'd like to help!!

Trail and driving maps along with other information can be had from the Lyme Conservation Web site's PDF file of Hartman Park

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