Sunday, February 28, 2010

TM Report: Salmon River State Forest (Greyville)

Date of Activity: 2/28/10
Condition of Trails(s): light snow
Trail Ambassador Name: John Czaja
Trail Ambassador Email:

Location: Salmon River State Forest (Grayville)
Trail(s) Ridden: N/A
How did you use the trail?: Trail Maintenance
What was the time of day?: 12:00-2:00 PM
Duration (Hours): 2
Distance (Miles): 3

Observations: Hiked around the trail south of old Grayville Road. There was still a light snow on trails. Only one bike track seen. Removed many sticks and cut deadfall cut away from the trail. I covered over a section of trail that had been braided. The original trail is on the left hand side of the photo. This small bridge crossing sides were substantially washed away from extreme heavy rains. After a bit of wet work the sides were armored with stones in the immediate area.



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