Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TA Report: Hurd State Park

Date: November 30, 2010
Location: Hurd State Park
Condition of Trails: Good

Observations: I managed to sneak a ride in before the deluge on Wednesday. Hurd Park is a fun place to ride The trails are in good condition, no wet or muddy areas to speak of, and evidence of recent chainsaw work to keep the trails clear. I saw one other biker and several dog walkers. The trails can be divided into two parts- the old trails that are on the map, and the new ones not on the map. The old ones are hillier and more eroded, and have a few sections that are nearly impossible to ride. The yellow or Split Rock Trail is one of these, but is worth riding for the view. The new ones are the better trails for riding. They're accessed off the green trail, and have splotchy, spray painted blazes. They have good flow for mountain biking, and the hills are shorter and less steep.

Trail Ambassador Name: Glenn Vernes

Trail Ambassador Email: glennvernes33athotmail.com
Town: East Hampton
Trails Ridden: Green, red, orange, blue, yellow.
How Did You Use The Trail?: Mountain bike
Time of Day: Afternoon
Duration: 2 hrs
Distance: About 12 miles.

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