Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Riding the Blow Hole

Pictured (L to R): Paula Burton, Glenn Vernes, Al Tinti, Mark Lurie, & Art Roti

CT NEMBA's October meeting started with a ride at River Highlands State Park, which according to Google is also known as Blow-Hole State Park (rumor has it the M. Jodi nixed that name in favor of River Highlands - gee I wonder why), and locals to the area just call it Cromwell Creek.
The park is comprised of a spaghetti network of trails with tons of Single Track. It's hard to believe that 177 acres of land can be host to almost 10 miles of Single Track! Re rode five miles but if you look at the State Map you will see there are many more in there. Unfortunately, so of the trails, especially the fire roads (dual track) have been ravaged by ATVs, yet it is still a wonderful place to ride and there are breath taking views of the Connecticut River and Connecticut, east of the river.

There are many overlooks that are 150+ feet above the river. The best views are up river.

Fall foliage was in good form today. There was some light rain to start off followed by lots of wind but it was pretty protected within the interior of the park. The only thing you had to deal with is falling acorns.

According to Glenn the Blow-Hole is where all the gullies in the park empty out and on windy days the wind will sweep through the little ravine and blow out into the river. Didn't see that happen but at the Blow-Hole there is a nice picnic area and beach where you could land your boat for a nice lunch.

Al Tinti

Art & Glenn


L to R: Mark, Art, Glenn & Paula
Following the ride, everyone headed over to First and Last in Middletown where we were met by other board members and had our Board/Chapter meeting where we started planning for the 2009/2010 riding year and elected new officers.

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Mike said...

I ride out here all the time with my friends. We are sometimes moving things and/or fixing minor things to make the trails better. We saw pictures on another website and there looks like there's some pretty cool stuff out here, I have no clue how we didn't find it though.