Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Ride Series: Fall Epic - Tour de Natchaug 11/08

CT NEMBA's Fall Epic, the Tour de Natchaug will be held on Sunday, November 8.

Wheels in the dirt at 9:30AM

Park in the field across from the house.

Expect a 4 hour plus self supported tour of the Natchaug State Forest, with some of the most scenic and least traveled trails in CT, at an intermediate pace. Several bail-out points will be available. CT NEMBA will provide food and refreshments after the ride. Contact Mike Cyr (860-428-4409) or Glenn Newcombe (860-455-9864) for additional info.


Hugh G said...

Sounds great, planning to come over from R.I.

Wayne / RI NEMBA said...

Glenn, thanks for calling and providing me with some ride info. Looking forward to attending weather permitting. In case anyone is interested in seeing the moving Race Across the Sky on Thurs 10/22 check out this website and enter your zip code to locate a theater near you:

Anonymous said...

Will there be led rides or a marked loop? I'm planning on coming down but haven't ridden there before.


Mark said...

It's a led ride so bring your A Game!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for the info, Mark!

Since it's a ~4 hour ride, is there anyplace to re-supply during the ride or should I plan to carry enough food/water for the whole enchilada?

Cheers, Jaime

Mark said...

Jamie, you might want to send a note to Al Tinti or contact the ride leaders. I would plan on brining everything with if it were me.

Al said...

There are led rides of about 25 and 20 miles planned (with bail-out opportunities). We haven't discussed any re-supply points, so bring all the food and water you'll need for the ride you plan to do. The weather looks to be about perfect.

Al Tinti