Saturday, December 12, 2015

TM Report: George C Waldo State Park

Date: 12/12/2015
Report Type: TM Report
Trail Name: George C Waldo State Park
Town: Southbury
Trail Conditions: Leafy/Tacky

Observations/Information: Took a quick ride - Where's Waldo, to Daffy, to Hunter's, and back up the fire road to the parking lot - before grabbing tools and a stack of 2x6s Paula had hanging around to redeck the little bridge at the bottom of Hunter's.

Before photo is from last weekend; between then and now, another board had broken through, so it was definitely time to replace the whole thing. (Most of 'em came up in pieces.)  Not perfect, but better.

The nails came out with me; the old wood I tossed in a loose pile up the hill at the base of the double tree. Next trip in, I'll have to bring something sufficiently large and heavy-duty to get them and carry them out.

Also of note: tree down across Daffy (eastern end). It looks like someone tried ramping it with some rocks (behind my rear tire).

Trail Ambassador Name: John Joy
Trail Ambassador E-mail: jmj [at] savagejoy [dot] com
How did you use the trail? MT Biking
Trails Ridden: Where's Waldo, Daffy Duck, Hunter's, Fire Road
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours): 2:20 (including TM, ride and photos)
Approximate Distance (Miles): 1.5 (ride only)
Image Description(s)/Instructions:


Unknown said...

I managed to get most of the old decking out of there this morning. There are still a couple of small pieces, but I could probably fit those in my pack next ride.

Unknown said...

...and the rest came out this morning.