Sunday, May 17, 2015

Naugatuck State Forest

Date: May 3, 2015
Report Type: TA Report
Trail Name: Naugatuck State Forest
Town: Hamden
Trail Conditions: Unknown, but probably dry

Observations/Information: The Naugatuck State Forest in Hamden backs into Brooksvale Park, a Hamden town park. The status of mountain biking has been problematic in Brooksvale Park at times. The accompanying photo in the parking lot of Brooksvale Park on Brooksvale Avenue pretty much answers the question: stay out on mountain bikes. On a positive note, I hope to find the time this summer to reblaze the White and Yellow trails in the state forest. I reblazed White and did the first blazing of Yellow in July 2010 and they are due for an update.

Trail Ambassador Name: Tom Ebersold
Trail Ambassador E-mail: bikehikekayak123 [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
How did you use the trail? Other
Trails Ridden: None
Time of day: Afternoon
Time/Duration (hours): 0
Approximate Distance (Miles): 0
Image 1: Brooksvale Park sign, 5-15.jpg
Image Description(s)/Instructions: This sign is in the parking lot at Brooksvale Park in Hamden.

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