Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hartman Park

Date: Feb 22, 2014
Report Type: TM Report:
Trail Name: Hartman Park
Town: East Lyme
Trail Conditions: snow covered, not ridable

Observations/Information: hiked out to look at the water flow and open up the area for the new bridge crossing the stream on the red trail and the lower power lines crossing. Snow was WAY deeper than it is here 5 miles away at the shore. got out there and planned out a better area next to the power lines road that will be better to cross the stream and hopefully still allow the trucks to get by without needing to move it like the last one was.... forgot to take pictures once out there but we took out about 35 ft by 8 feet of brush and crap to relocate. did take a picture on the ay out :)

Trail Ambassador Name: Cory Stiff, Linda Bireley, Wendy, Thom Lamourine

Trail Ambassador E-mail: thom(at)ctnemba(dot)com
How did you use the trail? MT Biking
Trails Ridden: red
Time of day: Morning
Time/Duration (hours): 2 hours
Approximate Distance (Miles): 2-3
2nd image:
3rd Image:
4th Image:

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