Saturday, November 9, 2013

West Rock Ridge SP

Date: Nov. 9, 2013
Report Type: TA Report:
Trail Name: West Rock Ridge SP
Town: Hamden
Trail Conditions: Dry and clear
Observations/Information: I rode my hybrid bike on the two paved roads at West Rock: Baldwin Drive, which extends about 6 miles from the main entrance to West Shepard Avenue, and Regicide Drive, which extends from the main entrance to Judges Cave and the South Overlook. I also rode the Red and White circuit around Lake Wintergreen, and rode the Red Trail from Lake Wintergreen to Mountain Road. The trails are dry and clear, and perfect for riding. There are a few trees partially blocking Baldwin Drive, but they are easily avoided.
Trail Ambassador Name: Tom Ebersold

Trail Ambassador E-mail: bikehikekayak123 [at] sbcgloblal [dot] net
How did you use the trail? MT Biking
Trails Ridden: Baldwin Drive, Regicides Drive, Red, White
Time of day: Afternoon
Time/Duration (hours): 3
Approximate Distance (Miles): 10 miles
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